Sunday, 27 September 2009

Tiffany Blue, i'm not sure why i just adore the colour.
I had a bee in my bonnet about going to a carboot sale, I love just having a mooch and it gets you up and out of bed. So I set off with my camera in hand and among all of the bric'a'brac I came across a number of examples of print which we had been looking at throughout the week. I took a few pictures but didn't buy. I found some nice examples of spot colour, gradient and reversed out colour use on text on these music books.
Some use of 2 colour on this sainsburys carrier pack'n'carry shopping bag packaging, using the red and blue mixed to create an almost black colour with a white stock. I thought this book on gardening was quite a nice example of a 3 spot colour plus stock as well.
And a couple of other examples of print aswell, a 1945 Daily Mirror using only black ink with halfttone imagery (I think) and 2 full colour book covers. I think I am getting slowly better at analysing print but I have a long way to go. A nice little exercise however in print on a sunday morning, I also had a couple of personal finds, a lovely old slr camera for £15 which hopefully works (fingers crossed), and a little bird badge for 40p.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Via Pitch Design Union, IAAH (I am Always Hungry). A lovely crafted piece of print that Lorenzo I think would be intrigued by, a simple use of 2 spot colours reminds me of the letterheads which he showed us the other day.

Friday, 25 September 2009

On looking at print I have been following this particular blog for about a year now and they never surpass to inspire me or create something beautiful. These creations are for a wedding, letter-pressed swing tags, beautifully crafted so much I can't express. Via Bespoke Press.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The first brief of the year! 4 postcards that reflect the summer, a good simple start you would assume but as you go deep beneath the surface it get so much harder. The current module 'Design for Print' looks at industrial print processes and the work must reflect a good understanding of print, hence it get much more intense.
Initially the brief reminded me of the postcards I used to collect back in the first years of high school when we used to have a library lesson which looking back now was very strange. Each time we had a lesson we were allowed to take a postcard from the collection which changed every week and I still have them to this day, some missing as between being bookmarks and actually being sent as postcards. I had a look for some that reflected well a particular print process and I found this one, by unknown designer. although in a full colour print version it could have been very easily 2 spot colours. I'm not fully sure of the print process, but it could be screen printed.
Kate Sutton, lovely illustrator, website with shop.