Sunday, 27 September 2009

I had a bee in my bonnet about going to a carboot sale, I love just having a mooch and it gets you up and out of bed. So I set off with my camera in hand and among all of the bric'a'brac I came across a number of examples of print which we had been looking at throughout the week. I took a few pictures but didn't buy. I found some nice examples of spot colour, gradient and reversed out colour use on text on these music books.
Some use of 2 colour on this sainsburys carrier pack'n'carry shopping bag packaging, using the red and blue mixed to create an almost black colour with a white stock. I thought this book on gardening was quite a nice example of a 3 spot colour plus stock as well.
And a couple of other examples of print aswell, a 1945 Daily Mirror using only black ink with halfttone imagery (I think) and 2 full colour book covers. I think I am getting slowly better at analysing print but I have a long way to go. A nice little exercise however in print on a sunday morning, I also had a couple of personal finds, a lovely old slr camera for £15 which hopefully works (fingers crossed), and a little bird badge for 40p.

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