Friday, 19 March 2010

More Calendar Goodness

A gorgeous calendar from SMYK design, no more needs to be said.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Moving Graphics by Bonsajo

Working with more information graphics this time using moving image, Vanishing Point by Bonsajo on Vimeo via Arthur Carey's blog.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Pantone Colour Selection

Although we have a given colour scheme I thought that it was important to reference the Pantone colour guides for reference. We are using Pantone 286 CV, Key Black and the Paper Stock (white). The blue colour is the navy used within the existing Fedrigoni logo.

Just look at how pretty they are.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Play with Paper

Rebecca Liggins mentioned to Hannah about an edition of IDN Magazine that used some interesting paper-craft pieces in a feature. Although we have decided to go in a different direction none the less interesting, if only clothes were like this. Designed by Akatre.

More Showrooms White Space & Dray Walk

White Space gallery offers a space that is much more catered to high end clientele, most for fine art and not something that would appeal to users of paper. The website for their showrooms space is again comprehensive and pricing is obviously a lot steeper however in terms of facilitates it does excel an give a lot for the money it is offering.

The Dray Walk Gallery offers much moreopen environment and a huge expanse of space. Tom Cummings suggested this place after viewing the space in london only a couple of days ago, he was looking to see what kind of space we could get to exhibit our final year end of year show. Exciting stuff.
The Dray Walk Gallery has no website to speak of, but after searching I found out that it was infact much more affordable than expected.

Other Showrooms Spaces within London Central

The Showroom is a specifically designed space within london that caters as an exhibition space. Within easy reach of the nearest tube station the space offered is quite substantial and based on their easy to navigate website and clear indication scheme of when the space is available, it is clear that this is an impressive space to host an event. Although costs are not given what information they give is clear and concise and leaves you actually wanting to use this space.
The graphical styling of the space is fantastic and from the outside, although it is quite a garish colour, would attract local attention to get people to come in. They also have a mailing list from which their regular viewers can obtain information about up-coming exhibits.

[Below]: Their location seems fairly central and unlike Fedrigoni it is at easy-to-view ground floor level.

Small Rooms

Having decided on an information graphics poster format for the main outcome of the project it seems a shame to waste what we have learnt from looking at pop-up mechanisms. Looking here at pop-up mechanims that are used to construct the shape of rooms. Paper Engineering: 3D Design Techniques for a 2D Material by Natalie Avella provided some useful visuals of the kind of thing that were looking at. We have decided therefore to include some sort of business card type pop-up within the poster, as a kind of take-away element and provides that interesting interactivity.

What paper engineering on a 2d surface lacks the pop-up extends beyond 2D. From a simple fold in a letterhead to the structural intricacies of a pop-up book, the construction of a 3D paper object requires as much though as the print finish and even to an extent what is printed on it. Its all something to consider.

Pop-up Calendar

Whilst randomly searching for interactive pop-ups I found this gorgeous piece by Johann Volkmer. It is infact a calendar, what attracted me to this was the use of a limited colour and the way the paperstock becomes the focus of the piece. What also attracted me to this was the use of information graphics in what would normally be considered as a fun piece of paper engineering. Oh and the photography of this piece defniitly does it justice, beautiful photographs are a must when it will come to presenting our final outcome.

More From Fedrigoni

Hannah found these gorgeous swatch books of the Sirio colour range from fedrigoni. Designed by a Leeds-based company Design Project. I'd love to see how the papers interact with the packaging, given our lack of visual material from them I am very interested in seeing the actual pieces.
[Below]: Hannah also found some more Fedrigoni paper calendars, you just can get enough time these days. Using a beautiful foils stamped finish I love how the design allows the user to stand the calendar up seamlessly. Again is uses the Sirio paper range.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Informative Graphics: D&AD Competition Briefs

After sitting down to finally narrow dow an idea which we wanted to carry forward we decided that our audience doesn't know about the Fedrigoni showrooms and the opportunity to exhibit work in one of the most successful design capitals. We want to inform our audience of young designers/institutions and local design agencies that the space is available for their use as an exhibition/meeting/event space as it is free available space within a sought-after location.
We therefore intend to market this space by means of a mail-shot piece that will by sent to local design agencies and Higher education institutions nationally. This should:

+ Inform them about what possibilities they can use the space for.
+ Inform them of the opportunity to exhibit work within a design capital.
+ The fact that there are no costs to using the space.

We are both interested in manipulation of paper as a means of communicating. As our ideas have developed we started looking at what would be most appealing to graphic designers, in particular graphic students and the local design agencies, whom use paper. What we both found as good informative graphics was the poster. The D&AD competitions brief poster is used to entice that particular audience of students. It is a direct communication of information that is designed in a beautifully ordered layout with a crisp attention to detail using simple colours.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Paper in the Environment: Installations

Looking again at creative solution with paper designer Julien Vallee. His Work is very much playful which works well in both type and image based solutions. I really like his use of colour, that element of considered colour to give that vibrant surprise to his work every time. His Website is definitly work a look.